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Saturday 13 April 2013

Stacking the Shelves (33)

Stacking the Shelves is a book haul meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews -This is a great way for us to share what books we added to our shelves each.

Purchased (via The Book Depository):



Thank you Terri!

Thank you Kevin!

This week is actually kind of a collective haul from a few previous weeks as well. I forgot to add some of the second hand books I bought in last weeks haul, so I'm putting them all together here, plus I ordered those  books from TBD a few weeks ago, but they finally came! I've already read Requiem and Meant to Be and the reviews should be up soon. I'm really excited to start reading some of those classics and the book my friend lent me sounds really interesting! Have any of you read it?

Leave me a link to your haul... I'd love to see what you got this week in books!

Happy reading!


  1. Great Haul I really want to read Requiem.

  2. YAYY!! We're book buddies I got Requiem this week too! And Sever's cover is so pretty! I was a little iffy about the green at first but it's really growing on me ;P

    Also, The Future of Us was really great!

    Hope you enjoy! HAPPY READING!

  3. Really great purchases! Meant To Be and Requiem were awesome and I really need to get around to reading Sever and The Future of Us! I read Catch-22 for a project in high school, and I really disliked that book...but you know how it is, most people rarely enjoy books when they're forced to read them. :P Maybe I'll give it another try one day. Happy reading! :)

  4. The Pledge is really good. I also loved Meant To Be. It's a great contemporary! I also really want to read Requiem soon. Enjoy your books :)

  5. I love the look of Larklight!! I need to find time to try out that series!

  6. I still need to read Sever! I've had it since it came out but haven't gotten the chance. I really want to read Persuasion this year. I meant to last summer. *sigh* More time in the day needed! Enjoy! :)

    My Haul

  7. Super cool haul! I hope you enjoy Requiem, I still have to start Wither! Have all three books waiting :) I love Persuasion, one of my fave Austen novels.

  8. Persuasion is one of my Austen favourites too. I love buying books secondhand because the feeling of them having a history is kind of amazing. Enjoy your books.

  9. Great haul! I'm still waiting to get my hands on Sever and see how the series ends. Oh, and so jealous of Requiem! Don't you just love the cover of Meant To Be? Plus, I heard it was a really good read. I really need to get my hands on it! YAY! I love Forgive My Fins, so I hope you enjoy it! Happy Reading! And, thanks for stopping by Vivalabooks!

  10. You've got some great books here! Beware - Sever has a shocking ending! And I really want to read Meant to Be! As you already pointed out, I too have Requiem :) I see some classics as well. Oldies but goodies!

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  11. I really need to read Meant to Be. I've heard such good things about it. There are a few others on your list that I've read. I hope you enjoy them! Thanks for visiting my StS.

    LisaILJ @ I’ll Tumble for YA

  12. Great haul! I really need to read The Future of Us. It's been sitting on my shelf for quite some time. I really liked A Farewell to Arms. Happy reading!


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