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Tuesday 19 June 2012

Cover Reveal: Hidden by P.C. & Kristin Cast

Hey guys! I've got some exciting news to share for all you House of Night fans who have not yet seen it! The tenth installment in the series is titles Hidden and is being released October 16th! Today the cover was revealed and I just had to share. My opinions on this series are a bit jumbled, because of how many books there are and how complex the story line is, but all in all, these are really great books. So, without further ado... THE COVER:


What do you think? Personally, I think it's pretty great. I love the fact that Zoe is looking out from behind a tree. It gives a huge air of mystery to an already mysterious looking book. The only thing I'm unsure about is the tattoing all around it. Each book has some of it on the cover, but it's usually a lot more subtle. I like the cover a lot though, and although I need to reread the series before reading this book, I'm super duper excited for its release!

Sound off in the comments below with your opinions on the cover and how you think the story will go! You can be sure there will be a ton of Neferet drama... Of course!

Happy Reading!


  1. Thanks for posting this cover reveal, I can't wait until October to see how the series plays out!

    I am a new follower from Book Blogs. I would love a follow back!


  2. Hi Kirsty, Love ur blog:D **New Follower**

  3. Omgggg Zoe looks AWESOME! she's so perfect, I imagined her like this! the sad thing is as I don't have book 7 I had to stop reading the serie :( even so I buyed book 8 and two extras when borders closed but so so so sad I want to read more thats for sure!

  4. AH! Wonderful cover!
    I can't believe I haven't seen this yet! Thanks for posting this :]
    I hope the tattooing on the cover is lighter like in past ones though.
    This series is really good despite its length.
    I am a new follower of yours via book blogs!
    Great blog you have :]
    please follow back if you can


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