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Tuesday 28 August 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.This week's topic is Bookish Confessions (Anything! You dog ear, you hated a book  but said you loved it, you have $500 library fines... anything goes!)

1. I'm actually very ashamed to say this, but I sometimes dog-ear! *cringes* But only if I'm really desperate, and only if it's my book. Never to a library book or a borrowed book! It's only if I don't have a bookmark or a piece of scrap paper, or if there's a quote that I love but am not able to write it down...

2. I crack the spines of books I'm not enjoying... I know that sounds odd, but if I'm not enjoying a book I find it a little easier to get through if the spine is cracked and I can bend it so that I don't have to see how much longer I need to read it. That sounds terrible, now that I spell it out.

3. I'll skim sometimes, if there's a scene that I just can't get into (usually an action scene) or if the book is just really dull, but I want to know what happens in the end.

4. Similarly to the last one, and I'm ashamed to admit it, but the times when I'm reading a book and it's just really boring, or the protagonist is being super annoying, I will skip about thirty pages and see if anything good is going to happen, and then I'll go back to where I was. That sounds terrible!

5. I no longer allow myself to go to the library alone, because when I do, I end up coming out of it with about 8-12 books. And then I end up having a really huge fine!

6. I'm slowly collecting another set of Harry Potter books, because my original set is a) so [lovingly] beat up that they're difficult to read and b) no one is allowed to touch them. No one has ever read them except for me, and my nana has read my 1st and 2nd. You could say I'm very slightly protective of them.

7. I refuse to buy a purse that won't fit a book in it.

8. All of my friends have adopted the name 'Kristy's Library' for my room, and whenever they need to read a book, they come to me first. When we have sleepovers, they always take about ten minutes to look at my shelf and if they find a book they want to read, they have to fill out a little card with their name, the date and the title, and then put the card in place of the book. Wow, I sound very OCD.

9. I have two bookstores that I go to on a regular basis and in one of them, the girls all know me and if you saw me talking to them, you'd think we were friends outside of the store. But we're not. They also know which books I'm into and not, as well as what I've read and haven't. And in the other, they know me by name and have a store cat who sticks by my side the entire time I'm in the store... Can you tell I spend a lot of time in the stores?

10. Other than my internet friends and fellow book bloggers, I only have two real life friends that I trust their book recommendations. My other friends have very different book taste than me, and it's rare that we really enjoy a lot of the same books.

Those are my bookish confessions! Do you have any dirty little bookish secrets? Leave me a link in the comments to your TTT and I'll check them out!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh I love these confessions!I am so like you in many ways...and boy it's almost death til I get a loaned book back. Ask my daughter, I pester her all the time because she has lost my books in her big house! The Nerve! LOL

  2. I dog ear books too! And I agree with bags needing to have space to fit a book (or at least my Kindle) in! I can totally sympathise!

    Great list!

    My TTT this week

  3. I have very, very few IRL friends whom I would trust with book recommendations as well.

    ALSO! I wish I was organized enough to have people fill out cards when they borrow my books.

    My TTT

  4. I skim read books when I'm finding them dull to and I don't have any friends in real life who recommend me books to read.

  5. I totally hop around in a book if I'm in a slow part. If nothing looks interesting 20-30 pages later, I usually just stop reading it. And such a good idea not to buy a purse that can't fit a book! I'm usually hauling a mom bag, so that hasn't been a problem lately. But some day....

  6. I hop around in books all the time. Sorry, but I'm not sorry.

  7. I just loveeeed the Harry Potter confession! I'm exactly the same, and not just 'slightly' possessive, but 'very'. No one's allowed to touch them. Though, I never dog ear the pages!

    Also, I find it heartbreaking to give someone a book I really love *feeling ashamed* :| and the worse thing, I refuse!

  8. I definitely skim some parts of books sometimes - I don't really care to read very descriptive scenes.


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