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Saturday 11 February 2012

TGIF: What is the oldest book you own?

Happy Friday! I've decided I would start a little TGIF thing where I will post a random Question & Answer each Friday and if you want to join in on this 'meme-ish' thing then you can! So today I wanted to start off with this question: What is the oldest book you own? As in, do you own a book that was published in the early 1900s? Or is the oldest book you own only from 1996? Tell me the story of how you got it if you have one!

The oldest book I own is Petland by Rev. J.G. Wood. Want to know when my copy was published? 1891. It has this amazing hand-written note in it from a man to his granddaughter telling her how proud he is of her in her schooling. It's really cool owning something like this! My dad had given it to me a little while ago, after I think he found it either somewhere in the house or at a garage/book sale.

So, I ask you, what's your oldest book? What's it's story?

:) ~Kristy


  1. I just stopped by to let you know I've tagged you on my blog. Don't feel obligated to participate!But i would love if you will :D
    Book TAG

    I don't own any old books..is that a bad thing ??

    1. Oh thanks! I'll do the TAG later when I've got some time on my hands! And of course not! Haha I was actually pretty surprised about how old that one was because that's the only old one I have! The rest of the 'old' ones are from late 1990's!

  2. A book from 1891? That's amazing! I would love to own an original book from the Victorian era, but I think the oldest book I have is from the 1970s lol



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