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Sunday 19 February 2012

Help! Fallen by Lauren Kate

Hello there! Yes, I know it is Sunday and I have a lot of books to post on an IMM but that'll be later. Today, I wanted to ask a question. I picked up Fallen by Lauren Kate yesterday and I realized I should always check goodreads.com before buying a book I am unsure about. Although I have heard loads of good things about this series, I have also heard so many bad things! I seriously hate it when people compare books to Twilight, but that's all there is... is it seriously an angel version of Twilight? Don't get me wrong, I like Stephenie Meyer's saga enough, but I'm trying hard to read books with a strong female character that doesn't completely depend on her boyfriend. Good role-models... you know? I have 14 days to return the book if I decide I don't want to keep it, so I  think I'll just order it from the library. But let me know what you think, because I'd love some feedback. If everyone on here says they love it then I'll definitely keep it. But either way, I will end up reading the series.

Also, have any of you read Incarnate  by Jodi Meadows? I'm dying to read it, but for some reason my local book store doesn't have the greatest timing when it comes to new-releases and it still isn't in! You may be wondering why I don't just order it online... I actually don't know. Maybe I'll do that soon. :)

Anyways, this was not supposed to go on for as long as it did, so I will cut it off here.
Talk to you soon!


  1. Hi Kristy;
    I enjoy your analysis of "Fallen' and your blog.
    Please stop over at my blog and see the giveaway for "Oath of Office" a frightening story of manipulating our food supply and the tragic results.

  2. You're only 1 follower away for 30!!
    I haven't read Fallen! I want to, but I haven't got the chance yet!
    I also read al lot of reviews good and bads! I probably read it anyway!!
    Feel free to visit me:


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