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Sunday 12 February 2012

Book Tag!

Hey everyone! Look at this two posts today and I still have my IMM! Hope I'm not overloading y'all but I'm having a really good day and feel like blogging!!! I was tagged by Rallu a.k.a thedaydreamer3 and this is my first tag! Thanks Rallu! I appreciate it a lot! (By the way, if you haven't already, go check out her blog, she's really great!)

The Rules:
  1. You must post the rules.
  2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
  3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
  4. Let them know you've tagged them!
Questions from Rallu:
Who was your last book boyfriend and why?

Dimitri Belikov from Vampire Academy has been my book boyfriend since I first started reading these books! He's... godly (as Rose decribes him) and just sounds like my kind of guy. :) He's also been my only book boyfriend other than Harry Potter when I was little and those were the only books I would read. To be honest, I'm not sure who I would pick if I could choose between the two... probably Harry though, if Ginny wasn't in the way! Because honestly, I still haven't gotten my Hogwarts letter and I'd do anything to live in that world!

What is the last 5 star book you read?
The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson, (if you couldn't already tell by my raving about it!). The review will be up soon! Hopefully tomorrow!

If money were not an issue, what would you buy yourself at this very instant?
Hmm... can I pick two things? I would buy tickets to Ed Sheeran's concert in any city possible (and also travel and accomodations) because I can't get tickets for where I live sadly. And I would also buy an apartment in Manhattan filled to the roof with books that I will love or already love!

What is your favourite movie?
The Notebook or any of the Harry Potter movies.

What is your favourite song this week?
Beside You by Marianas Trench
 Firefly by Ed Sheeran

A book you've read at least 3 times?
I've read every single Harry Potter book at least ten times, some more than others. (That is why some are currently being held together by tape.) What can I say other than those are the best books ever? But not including Harry Potter, I've read the Twilight Saga all more than three times each and some others that I can't recall right now...

What Tv Shows are you currently watching?
Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Glee, Desperate Housewives, The L.A. Complex, Parenthood, Biggest Loser and The Big Bang Theory.

Do you like spoilers (Not major one.)?
Sometimes, but it depends on which books it is. For example, I am desperate for any hints on what is going to happen in Richelle Mead's 'The Golden Lily' but any new books or series, not really. It's only if I'm really into a series and the next book doesn't come out for a long time that I'll look at little mini spoilers, approved by the author!

What's your favourite Genre?
Young Adult Paranormal Romance or YA 'Summer Reads'. Really anything with a little bit of romance in them!

What book/series got you hooked on reading?
I bet you can guess it... HARRY POTTER! I mean, how many times do I have to say I adore these books? My dad gave me the first book when I was, I think five years old and he had a collection of them going (books 1-4) so that I could read them as soon as I completed the previous one! Those are the books I learned how to read with!

Why did you start blogging?
 I started blogging because I'm really the only one of my friends who is an avid reader. They read, but not as much as I do, nor as passionately as I do. So I figured why not start something where I can talk about the books I read without being criticized or teased about being a 'bookworm' or nerd (though I am proud of each of those things). And I have found the book blogging community so welcoming and so supportive of everyone! Definitely what I needed!

  1. If you could live in any book universe, which would it be? Why?
  2. Which ten books can you not live without?
  3. What makes you pick up a book? The cover, the title? Does your mood affect your choices?
  4. Have you ever heard a song that made you think of a scene from a book? Explain.
  5. What is your favorite poem? Why?
  6. Who is your favorite musician/band at the moment?
  7. Do you like fanfics? Why or why not?
  8. What is your biggest book pet-peeve? Explain.
  9. Have you ever fallen head-over-heels in love with a book, so that you cannot stop thinking about it? Which one?
  10. Do you have a favorite reading 'spot'? Explain!
  11.  If you could choose one book character to come out of their world and into ours, who would it be? 
Krystal @Live to Read
Angela @Reading Angel
Rebecca @The Book Frog

I'd love to tag more people but I have to adhere to the rules! So feel free to do this TAG if you'd like! (Shh!!!)



  1. Book boyfriend! I love that, I will defiantly be doing this. Thank you for thinking of me.

    1. Of course! I absolutely love your blog! I'm looking forward to seeing your answers!

  2. I am almost finished, working on them right now.

  3. Awesome !

    We like almost the same books and Watch The Same TV shows:D

    Btw..Who do you think is A in the Tv show???Like it would be the same one as in the books??

    1. Haha I don't know! They obviously want us to believe it's Garrett and Jenna, but then they DID hint at it being Mona, so I'm not sure at all! What about you?

  4. I'm gonna try this! We'll see how it goes. It'll take me awhile to finish though.

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