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Friday, 30 May 2014

TGIF: Distractions

Hey guys! So, the other day I noticed I haven't posted for a while and I am SO sorry. I totally didn't realise it had been so long! So I was thinking of why I hadn't and came up with a few recurring distractions from reading and blogging. If you've noticed a lack of posts this week and last, well, here may be some reasons why the blog hasn't been as active. 

1. EXHAUSTION - Guys, I have been seriously lacking in sleep lately. I don't know what it is, but I just am not getting enough sleep. It's probably the fact that finals are coming up for high school, as well as huge projects being due and other activities that take up so much time and energy... Blogging and reading just have taken a secondary position to sleep... 

2. Homework - As noted above, it's a busy time of year for the high school student. With under a month left of class and exams coming up, the teachers seem to all have come together and decided that NOW IS THE TIME OF ULTIMATE PROJECTS BEING DUE. Seriously. 

3. Netflix - I am totally one of those people. Because sometimes, when your mind is overloaded with stress and work and everything like that, you just want to sit down with your laptop and watch some Supernatural. You know? I've been super obsessed with so many shows on Netflix this year and it's really not too healthy. I'm getting a bit better though, since I caught up with Supernatural. Before that though, nothing could keep me from my Sammy/Dean/Cas/Crowley. NOTHING. 

4. Taylor/Friends - So my friend Taylor doesn't know how to not talk to me when I'm trying to work. But I love her, so I deal with it. By not working and listening instead. *sighs* No but honestly, when friends truly need me, I'm going to put them as a priority. I just need to. 

5. Tumblr.  - It's actually awful. I said I wasn't going to be one of those people. But they took me in. They captured me and I just cannot escape. It's just... so mindless, this fake blogging thing. I LOVE IT but I HATE IT too. And I just.. I'm okay. I promise. 

So I feel super lame posting this, but I just thought I'd explain a bit about why I might go through some periods of not posting. Really, it's just a lot to do with procrastination and a ton of stress that I don't know how to deal with other than by putting it off to the side and sleeping. I'm trying to push past my distractions, but it's so difficult. So, I'd love it if you guys shared some of the things that distract you so that I don't feel so alone!

Happy reading!

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  1. Good luck on finals and projects! That can be super stressful... anything that helps you de-stress, even if it isn't blogging/reading is perfectly fine :)


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