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Friday 29 March 2013

TGIF: Balm in Gilead

Hello everyone! This is kind of a different TGIF post today as I wanted to talk about theatre, instead of books!
On Wednesday my dad took me into Vancouver and we went to Studio 58 at LangarBalm in Gilead. I went into this completely blind and had no idea what it was about. I didn't have the slightest clue about anything about this play and so when I walked into the theatre that was set up like a functioning cafe, I was a bit shocked. The last time I went to a play at Studio 58 was a couple years back to see The Comedy of Errors. This was much different from a Shakespeare play... (Again, I had NO idea what this was about)
a College to see the play

March 21 - April 7, 2013
by Lanford Wilson
 an underworld adventure
Directed by Bob Frazer
      Described as “an explosive amalgam of realism and theatrical illusion,” Balm in Gilead takes us to an all night coffee shop on a New York street corner in 1965. Lanford Wilson reveals an understanding and compassion that is both witty and humorous as the audience is introduced to a group of hustlers, drug addicts and lost souls who are finding their way on the streets of the big city.

The reason I wanted to talk about this play today was because how much I enjoyed it. I'm no expert on acting and theatre. But I know what I like and I really liked this play. The director created this cafe where the audience members actually sit in the booths and watch the play in the centre. It was amazing, because everyone got a different perspective. Everyone got a different play. There were scenes where all of the characters were having different conversations with one another, just like in real life. And the viewer can't possibly keep up with everything. But that's the point. "That's the truth," as Frazer says.

I won't go into anything too technical, as I know practically nothing about theatre and acting, but I will just say that this was a play that I won't forget seeing for a long time. There were characters in this play who captivated my attention and I couldn't tear my eyes and ears away from them when they were on stage. I wanted more than just the hour and forty minutes.

If you're in/near Vancouver, or will be before April 7th, please consider going to Studio 58 to see Balm in Gilead. Or, if you're in Vancouver later in the year, check to see what Studio 58 is putting on at that time and maybe go see a play, if there's something! Who knows, you might even see me in the audience.

I want to know how many of my readers like going to the theatre and watching live performances? I personally love it, but don't go very often, sadly. Or are any of you actors/actresses, or aspiring to be? What's your favourite play you've seen? OR have you seen Balm in Gilead being performed elsewhere? What did you think? OR did you see it in Vancouver? Let's talk in the comments! I want to know!

Happy Friday!

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