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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Most Frustrating Characters

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.This week's topic is Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters Ever. This is definitely one I had to think about! While there are some characters on this list that I do love/care for, they definitely annoyed me at one point or another!

1. Bella Swan (NEW MOON by Stephenie Meyer) -Why?  Let's go into a catatonic state because your boyfriend left to protect you from his vampire family. Okay. Don't get me wrong, she gets so much better at the end when she goes and saves her man, but in the beginning of the book I just.... No.

2. Zoey Redbird (House of Night Series by P.C. & Kristin Cast) - Why? It is extremely irritating watching her go through guy after guy throughout this extremely long series. PICK ONE, GIRL!

3. Luce Price (Fallen by Lauren Kate) - Why? I didn't finish this book. I don't even think I got 100 pages in before I put it down and decided to return it (Thank goodness for Indigo's return policy). I couldn't get over Luce following Daniel around who clearly states that he doesn't want anything to do with her. 

4. Clary Fray (The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare) - Why? I found her bland and irritating and just plain annoying. I wanted to close the book and never pick it up at some points... 

5. Jace Wayland (The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare) - Why?  I found him to be one of the biggest cliches when it comes to heroes in the YA world. He was a bad-ass, fast talking, super irritating (in my opinion) guy that I just couldn't get connected to. 

6. April (Ten Things We Did by Sarah Mlynowski) - Why? I just found that she lied. So. Much. And I know this book was kind of about teenagers lying but it was so over excessive.

7. Hannah, Aria, Spencer, and Emily (Pretty Little Liars Series by Sara Shepard) - Why? So, I love the show. I really do. But I read most of the books until I couldn't handle it anymore. The characters in the books are all SO irritating. I mean, they are in the show as well, but not as much in the books, in my personal opinion. I found the shallow and dumb.

8. Calla (Nightshade by Andrea Cremer) -Why? Well, I've only read Nightshade and I while I loved it and Calla's character, there were some times where I wanted to shake her shoulders and tell her to pick one guy already!!!

9. Ed (Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler) -Why? This guy was a tool. I don't know how much more frustrated I could have gotten while reading that. Who would put up with being his girlfriend?

10. Severus Snape (Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling) -Why? I might get some comments about this choice, but I have to just get it out there. I get that he was bullied his entire childhood, I get that his heart was broken, I get that he lost the love of his life... IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN GO AND MAKE ALL OF YOUR STUDENTS MISERABLE AS WELL. Oh wait, except for the Slytherins, because well... FAVOURITISM. Sorry... Not really.

That's it! Leave me a link to your TTT and I'll check it out!
Happy reading!


  1. I totally agree with Zoe. In fact, I'm gonna add her to my list (since I'm, like, seven characters short)
    here's my post, if you want to check it out:


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