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Sunday 15 January 2012

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

The Vampire Academy series has 6 books plus a new spin-off series called Bloodlines. I'll totally review Bloodlines soon, but I just wanted to know if anyone wanted individual reviews for each of Richelle Mead's VA books? I was thinking in this I'd just tell you guys about my love for this series in general and in the comments let me know if you want one for every book. :)

  • I could tell you everything that goes on in the series but that would take all day. I'll just tell you what you need to know. There are three types of vampires:
  • Moroi- Living vampires, does not kill for blood, uses magic representing one of the five elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit- the latter is very rare)
  • Strigoi- Undead vampires that are made, not born. They kill for blood and are vicious, soulless creatures of the night.
  • Dhampir- Half Moroi-Half human, most grow up to become Moroi guardians, protecting them from the wrath of Strigoi.
Rose is a dhampir sworn to protect moroi princess Lissa Dragomir. They are best friends who escaped their boarding school St. Vladimirs Academy after the death of Lissa's family. When they are dragged back, Rose has to overcome miraculous obstacles to keep Lissa alive while trying to fight her attraction to Dimitri, her insanely good looking instructor. 

These books were one of the most impossible series to put down. I loved them the minute I started reading the first one and afterwards, it took me all of 10 days to read all 6. They are most definitely romantic and extremely suspenseful. Honestly I think that if the right guy wanted to read them, he'd be sure to like them as well. There's a lot of action and adventure and Rose is not the type of character you get bored of very easily. She's determined and strong and not some needy whimpering girl. Honestly I'd suggest these books to anyone who likes fantasy books. Trust me, I was so tired of the vampire fanatics but these are so not sparkly, cold vampires. (I love Twilight, I'm just stating how different they are).

Out of any books I'll review, these are ones that I recommend with all my heart! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did if you do decide to go pick one up!


Order them online:
Vampire Academy (book 1)
Frostbite (book 2)
Shadow Kiss (book 3)
Blood Promise (book 4)
Spirit Bound (book 5)
Last Sacrifice (book 6)


  1. I agree, the Vampire Academy series is amazing and one of my all-time favorites, and anybody who hasn't read these is definitely missing out!

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