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Friday 1 March 2013

February Wrap Up!

Ok yeah remember how I said I'd be filming this? Maybe not...

It's time for my February Wrap-Up! February was a weird month, as it usually is. It goes by way too fast... It's amazing what two/three days can do! But a lot happened on the blog that was extremely exciting, so here's a look at that!

Books I Read
Big Blogging Moments

New blog design! Evie @ Bookish created an absolutely gorgeous new design for me that I'm totally in love with! I'm so pleased with how it turned out!

I hit 750 GFC followers! I am so shocked that I hit such a huge milestone and I wanted to thank you guys by doing a giveaway! It's still on for just under a week!

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March TBR-ish

 Favourite Randoms

 I went to Ottawa with school! It was so much fun and so cold! I learned a lot and it was a great experience. See my video on it HERE

My friends and I had a bonfire a couple weeks ago and burned all of last semester's homework! It was such a great stress reliever and a lot of fun! So many great memories from that night!

That's it for my monthly wrap-up! February was short but fun! I'm excited to start March and see what it has to offer! Leave me a link if you did a wrap up for February or something similar and I'll check it out!

Happy March 1st!


  1. Congratulations on reaching your goal of 750 followers, well deserved. Your design is really cool. Sounds like you had a fun month. For my monthly round-up you can check it out here if you like:


  2. Thanks for dropping by. I am very excited to start The Selection, it sounds so good. Thanks for commenting :)


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