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Sunday 14 July 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge ~ Day 6

I'm taking part in the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge, hosted by 
Good Books and Good Wine! This is a great way to get to know a bit more about the bloggers behind these book blogs!


When I'm at the local mall, I cannot help going into the bookstore and I think it's like that with a lot of us bookish people, right? There's just something about not going into a bookstore that kind of makes me hurt inside. 

I don't order a lot of books online, but when I do, I usually have a set one in my mind and go onto The Book Depository and order it from there with my mum's credit card and then pay her back in cash. 

BUT when I go to a physical store, it's a bit... erratic. There are some days where I know exactly which books I want and I just march straight into Coles and go right into the teen section grab the book and then...

I look and see alllll the books on the shelves and just...

 I then proceed to grab ten five more books and just as I think "Alright, let's go to the cashier!" I realise that I don't have enough money to buy six or more hardcover books....

Part of me just wants to find the next person I see and beg

But I know that won't really help so then I have to choose which one is coming home with me

I don't really know how I decide in the end... It's just a process of freaking out and a bunch of talking to myself, but eventually I choose which one I want, march on over to the cashier, chat with the girls who work there for a bit and then I'm on my way home!

How do you buy books? Do you have a process? Or is it just random?

Happy Reading!

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  1. Your so lucky you even get money. It's only like once in a while I get to buy books so I'm usually stuck with borrowing. So that's why I'm always stuck with the decision to buy one book and everything is crucial on this one decision. And it sucks because you don't wanna waste your money on a crappy book that you'll eventually DNF


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