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Saturday 20 July 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge ~ Day 12

I'm taking part in the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge, hosted by Good Books and Good Wine! This is a great way to get to know a bit more about the bloggers behind these book blogs!

How do you fight blogger fatigue?

Wow, what a perfect subject for me right now. I'm going through a bout of blogger fatigue.... Actually, more like internet fatigue. I don't feel like doing anything on the net lately. But I'm trying to get over it and these are some of the ways that I do that!

1. READ. - If I get lucky and find a really good book, sometimes all that make me want to blog about it RIGHT AWAY! And then after that, sometimes I just get in the mood to write a bunch more!

2. Take a break - Sometimes, there's nothing else I can do. If I don't feel like blogging and cannot force myself to write, I'll take a bit of a break, go catch up on all of the TV shows that I'm super behind on (Supernatural, Game of Thrones, etc... Don't judge me) Or I'll go out with a friend or on my own or with my family! Something to distract me from the computer! Or, sometimes it's good to take an extended break, but not too long!!!

3. Write down any possible ideas for non-book review posts. Sometimes it's nice to write about stuff other than my review on a book. I love coming up with new ideas for TGIF posts (which by the way, are coming back regularly, it's just taking some time) or other discussion posts, because I LOVE TALKING TO YOU GUYS!

4. Ask for help - There are so many amazingly nice bloggers out there with great advice for stuff like this and I'm so glad we have the technology of twitter for us to be able to have quick convos about random stuff like this!

So yeah, that's 4 ways that I use to get over blogger fatigue, but I want to know if you have any tips on this subject, because I really need them! I just don't feel like blogging lately, so I might take a bit of a break soon, but I'd prefer to just get back into it!

Happy reading!

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