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Monday 8 October 2012

Tidbit: Ed Sheeran Concert!

Hey guys! Saturday I went to the Ed Sheeran concert in Seattle!!! You may or may not know, but I LOVE Ed Sheeran. He is my absolute favorite singer in the universe, and has been for a while now. I live just outside of Vancouver and because originally the concert there was 19+ (and then they changed it -_-) I had tickets for the Seattle concert! I went with my three best friends, and we met up with two other friends down there as well. My mom drove us, and she officially has the mother of the year award for driving us so far. We had a two hour wait at the border, plus a 2-3 hour drive there, and then we didn't end up getting home until 2:30 am! If you want to read all about the day and concert, here's my 'little' recap of it! P.S. if you read it all, I applaud you...

So, on Saturday my three best friends showed up at my house and we left around 10am. The border line up was insane, and we got delayed for a while, but we finally left the border area around 12 (CRAZY, right!?) and were on our way! We drove for about two hours and stopped at Alderwood Mall for a bit and did some shopping, and then we were on our way! We got to the venue at just before 6pm and met our other friends who were there, so our spot in the line wasn't TOO bad, but not great... We waited until a while after 7 and then we were in! The venue was pretty tiny, and there were tons of people there, so we were in the middle of the crowd.There were some REALLY tall people right in front of us, so I couldn't really see a thing, unless someone shifted for a minute, but at least I could hear! Being short really sucks.

From left to right: Paula, Jenna, Rachel, Danica, ME! and Cassidy.

Selah Sue came on and performed and I LOVED her music! She's so gorgeous and an amazing musician! The only thing about her performance was that there were a lot of people that were pretty disrespectful when she asked for quiet, and I thought that was really sad. But her music was amazing!
Then after a few minutes, Passenger came on, which was exciting! He played a few songs and talked to us. It was really a fun performance, especially his "Things I Hate" song!

Then finally Ed came on! The entire venue went completely wild, obviously. He started immediately with Give Me Love, which I teared up a bit with, because his voice was SO powerful. Here's the full set list from last night:
Give Me Love
Grade 8
Wayfaring Stranger (cover of American folk song)
Small Bump
Wake Me Up
Be My Husband by Nina Simone (cover)
Kiss Me
Heart's On Fire by Passenger (cover) with Passenger and Selah Sue
Lego House
You Need Me, I Don't Need You
Guiding Light by Foy Vance (cover)
Parting Glass (cover of traditional Irish song)
A Team

Some of the many highlights of the concert:
Give Me Love was so powerful and such an amazing start to the concert. Then he started playing Drunk and everyone sang along at the top of their lungs. Afterwards he kind of explained 'how this concert was going to work' and said that if you're too cool to sing, this was the wrong show to come to. He began UNI and (I'm proud to say that I know every single word to it) his 'chorus' all sang along. When he played Wayfaring Stranger, the entire room was quiet, and his voice was all you could hear. The lights were all dimmed and blue, which gave this chilly ambiance. It was so amazing. Then same with Small Bump, he asked for silence, and everyone was pretty quiet. Obviously there are going to be some people who feel the need to scream out, but over all Small Bump was so powerful. Then Ed said that he was going to perform a song that he hadn't in a while, and as soon as he mentioned it was the only song he's written under the influence of alcohol, I was SO happy. I've wanted to see him perform Wake Me Up ever since I heard it. We all sang along and laughed and it was such an exhilarating performance. Then he played Be My Husband, and that was beautiful. I mean... Beautiful. I can't describe it. He continued with the story about his godparents, and I am so happy that I was able to hear him explain the story, because it's actually one of my favorite little 'tales'. He sang Kiss Me and I teared up again a little bit. (NO SHAME) Then he invited Passenger and Selah up on stage and Passenger spoke a bit about Ed, which was SO sweet, and then they sang Passenger's song. Their voices are all so amazing, and together it was absolute heaven. Then he explained that this was going to be his last song, which really confused me, because he had so many left.. But then mentioned an encore and then the whole audience erupted. Anyways, after a little funny story about him coming on for an encore and there being only two people left, he played Lego House, and then 'left'. After maybe a minute he came back on and IMMEDIATELY started playing YNMIDNY... OH. MY. GOD. It lasted for probably twenty minutes and was the most powerful performance I have ever witnessed. His version of Parting Glass was so beautiful, and he flowed automatically into A Team, and everyone SCREAMED. Then he left and it was over and... L
After he left the stage we went and met Selah and Passenger and got them both to sign our tickets, and got a picture with Selah, which was so cool! Then we left and waited outside for a bit to see if Ed would come out, but then the security guy said he wasn't and then a while after we heard that he tweeted he couldn't, so I was bummed, but honestly, after his story about meeting Foy Vance after going to so many of his concerts and the whole 'Don't meet your hero' made me think that maybe it's better if I didn't meet him this time. But next time, I REALLY hope we'll have the chance. Then we drove home and fell asleep! So that was my whole day yesterday! If you've actually read all of this, you're amazing! <3 Saturday was one of the best days I've had in forever, and that was the most fantastic concert I have ever been to.  

Do any of you like Ed's music? If you haven't heard of him, I sincerely recommend checking him out! I've yet to meet someone who hasn't found one song of his that they didn't enjoy! (That being said, I like, love, ADORE all of them!) Or, if any of you went to one of his concerts, how was it?! Did you enjoy it? (Of course you did, it was probably amazing!)

Happy reading!


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