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Sunday 22 April 2012

In My Mailbox (12)

This weekly meme is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren. Every Sunday I'll put up which books I bought, borrowed or received for review. This way you'll have a little sneak peek on the reviews to look forward to soon!

So this week I got a TON of incredible deals on books... You could say I went a bit overboard. But I'm hoping to get through all of my TBRs on my shelf before buying any new books, so hopefully I'll be good for a while! Without further ado, here's my haul for the week!

As I said, I got some awesome deals this week. I got a few of these books for a couple of dollars at my favorite used book store and the others were either gifted to me or I bought them with the bit of extra spending money I had from the crazy amount of babysitting I've been doing lately. I'm really excited to start to read City of Bones, the lady at the store would not stop talking about it! It's probably about time I started reading them! I've already read Belles and it was pretty great so I'll be doing my review on it soon. I'm also probably not going to be able to read a LOT in the next month or so, because I have decided to challenge myself and read Troilus and Cressida for an 'Honors' project... I will read, but not at the usual pace because of school being so busy with the year coming to an end in 2 months. (!!!)

What books did you get this week? Leave me a comment or link me to your IMM and I'll be sure to check it out!

Have a good day/night everyone,


  1. AAAH! City of Bones and City of Ashes!! You will love it!! And Illuminate is really really great too! I've heard some good things about Belles :)

    lovely mailbox! Have fun reading these books!

    check out My Mailbox

    1. I sure hope so! I've been putting off reading them for so long now... Hopefully I'll like them :)

  2. The books seem so interesting! Hope you like City of Bones and Ashes. I'll look forward to your review! :)

  3. Cassie Clare writes such good books and is such an awesome person. And I love the cover of Illuminate!!

    Happy Reading!

    iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books

  4. I'm dying to read Illuminate if for no other reason than the cover art haha. Happy reading!

    My IMM

  5. I loved all the mortal instruments books I'm sure you will enjoy them. I stopped on by from book blogs and am your latest follower :)
    Wolf Majick Reviews

  6. I am dying to read Belles!! I am a southern belle myself and cannot wait to get my hands on that book! I would love to hear a review on it!! I am new to the book blogging community so if you get a chance please stop by and say hi or leave any advice you may have.

    Chelsey@Charming Chelsey's

    (New Follower)

  7. Oooh what a lovely book week you had! I love getting great deals on books!

    Happy Reading.

    Brianne @ http://memoriesovertakingme.blogspot.com/


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