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Wednesday 17 September 2014


Hey guys! So if you follow me on the social medias, you've probably noticed that I've been pretty quiet and well, there's a reason for that. I have been extremely sick with what I believe my doctor said is bronchitis and it's kind of taken over my life the past two weeks, which has not been fun. I've hardly done anything online other than check a couple of emails and watch Netflix in bed... Let's just say I decided one day it was a good idea to start watching Gossip Girl again... not sure where that came from, but hey, if it gets me through the day not so miserably, whatever works! Anyways, I'm finally starting to feel a bit better, so I thought I'd pop on the blog to say hi, as well as talk a bit about the summer! I know, I know, it's September 17th! Isn't the summer wrap-up post bit supposed to be done by now? WELL I am still not in school because currently in my lovely province of BC, the teacher federation and the liberal government have been disputing over a strike that has been going on since June... The public school system in BC already missed two weeks of school at the end of the year in June (don't even get me started) but now we're in our third week missing from the start of the school year. The beginning of my grad year has been delayed and I am soooo not rejoicing in the fact that there's extra vacation time. I'd really just prefer to be back in class, learning and preparing for universities and scholarships, but alas, I am here at home in the middle of the day on a Wednesday because the two sides to the dispute are so far apart, mediators don't even know what to do with them apparently. 

ANYWAYS, so enough about that, but I thought I'd give you a little insight into what's been going on with me lately! And below I just thought I'd list 5 things that I did this summer and some of the memories I made, because well, it was a good summer and I like to remember these kinds of things!

1. I got my license! In the province I live, when you turn 16 you're able to get your 'L' which means you can drive with a person over 25 and then a year later, you can get your 'N' which means you can drive on your own! AND I DID IT!!! And I mean, look at that awesome parking job ;)

2. I dyed my hair pink! I'd been wanting to do this for a long time and was a bit afraid, but my dad convinced me I should so I decided to take a risk and dyed the bottom half of my hair hot pink! It has now faded into a blonde, but I just loved it so much and am so happy I did it for the summer!

3. I went to Bard on the Beach with my mum, which was super fun! It's this Shakespeare company in Vancouver that performs amazing plays and my mum took me for my birthday! We saw The Tempest which was HILARIOUS and one of my favourite plays I've ever seen! 

4. I saw Ed Sheeran for the 3rd time in concert with one of my best friends, Janae and it was amazing! He was so good and energetic and it was a wonderful concert! Plus it was outside, so a perfect summer experience!

5. I got stuck in traffic for 4 hours! I know, you're probably like, why's that a good memory? But I was with afore mentioned best friend Janae on our way to Vancouver and there was a huge traffic jam, so a trip that should have taken us around an hour was quadrupled! But honestly, it was so much fun jamming out to music and having long discussions in the car with her that it's probably one of my all time favourite summer memories. When we finally made it to Vancouver, we had such a lovely time window shopping and had a delicious dinner and it was overall an incredible day! Definitely a highlight of the summer for me!

I just thought I'd do this quick little overview of the summer so that when I look back on the blog I can see some of the things I did and also just give anyone who wanted a little look into my life, if anyone actually wants that! I had a lovely summer filled with memories with my friends, my mum, my dad, and the rest of my family, but these are just five things that super crazy stand out for me! Now summer is almost technically over for the world, but for BC students, it has continued until now! Apparently they've come to a tentative agreement, so we might be back in school next week! I sure hope so, because frankly, I'm getting a bit bored... I miss school! But I've also done some cool things this September so I might do a little wrap up of that at the end of the month!

Anyways, what did you get up to this summer? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to know!

Happy reading!


  1. Congrats on getting your license! I didn't get mine before I was twenty, haha ^^' To my defense, you can't start driving lessons before your 18th birthday where I live (and it costs several thousand dollars all in all). But it feels great to drive and have that bit of independence :)
    I love your hair! I started dyeing parts of mine again last spring (a lovely teal color) and I was also a bit apprehensive, but I'm so glad I did it! Are you going to keep re-dyeing or are you letting it wash out?
    Awesome that you could turn the annoyance of getting stuck for 4 hours into a great memory of talking and having fun in the car :) These small memories are so important, and you look really happy in the picture ^^

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