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Friday 11 July 2014

I Want to Start a Book Club

While blogging gives me a great outlet for talking about books and discussing favourite characters, frustrating plot lines, and dreamy literary crushes, there's nothing like discussing all of these things in person. But here's my problem: most of my friends don't read as much as I do/the same things that I do/as enthusiastically as I do. Sure, some of them do, but I find it's hard to discuss with them about these books because there's always other people around! And there are a couple of friends that I'm able to talk about books with, but they live at least an hour away. So, I've been thinking of starting a book club, or maybe just trying to find one to join. I'm dying to talk about books in a group setting, over coffee, and making new friends along the way. But, I've never really done anything like that, so I was wondering... do you have any tips? Have any of you started a book club or are part of one? How would you recommend getting started, or is this just a futile little task that won't go anywhere? Since I'm a teen, should I just have teens in the book club? Or people of all ages? I need help! And since y'all are the bookish community that I love, I figure you're the best to ask. So... any ideas? OR any book bloggers/blog readers out there in BC who would be interested in maybe starting one, kind of like they have in Edmonton!? *crosses fingers*

Happy reading!

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  1. I'm not sure if this site exists where you live, but I used meetup.com!
    It's a site that offers various meetup groups for people with similar interests wherever you live. I found a few book clubs nearby and joined one. It's free to join the site and explore, but it can cost a little bit to join a group. There are small membership fees, like $5. You can also create your own meetup group, but that comes at a price. Once you get some members you can charge small membership fees and those help diminish some of the up-front costs. I wish I was closer to you; I've been itching for a YA book club!
    Hope this helps :)


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