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Monday 21 April 2014

Tidbit: Fan Expo Vancouver + TOM FELTON

Hey guys! Happy Monday! So I had a pretty exciting weekend... I went to Fan Expo Vancouver on Saturday!!!! (Think a smaller ComicCon in Vancouver) It was my first con and my first time cosplaying, so it was an incredible experience and so much fun! I went as  Fem!Castiel, from Supernatural, and it was a super last minute costume, but it worked... and someone recognized me! And gave me a hug! And started talking SPN with me! (basically made the whole day complete).

So that is moi, in my trench coat and my backwards tie... It was so fun and I got a Supernatural poster and some buttons and it was just a really great day! But do you wanna know what made it EVEN better???



So, yes, I met Tom Felton and got a picture with him and when I said goodbye, he said "Have a great day, my love." 

And well, yeah, then my eyes went completely wide and I backed away like a flustered, blubbering idiot, and said "um, yes, you too! Thank you!" and then I turned to my newly made acquaintances from the line up who had also gotten their picture with him and just freaked out a little bit. 

The thing is, I'm not like super huge on meeting a ton of celebrities or anything, but meeting someone who starred in the series that was such a huge part of my childhood was utterly incredible and just so unbelievably cool. 

And the rest of the day was amazing as well. Just seeing all the cosplayers and vendors and being in a huge room full of people who are so fanatical over the same things that I am was awesome. I don't really have very many friends who are super into fandoms like I am, so it was nice, being in a place with people who liked the same things I like, talked to me about different things that I don't get to talk about with anyone else other than on the internet, and just were all around nerds and completely proud of it. Plus, my little brother met his favourite TV star, Stephen Amell from Arrow and got to ask him a question at his Q&A, which was really cool for him as well. 

Anyway, just wanted to see if any of you guys ever got to cons like that or other events similar to that? Do any of you cosplay? Were any of you at Fan Expo Vancouver? Let me know! 

Happy reading!


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  2. WOW! That's AMAZING that you met Draco :) None of the HP characters have come to Toronto sadly. I go to Fan Expo Toronto every year and it's remarkable. It's probably my most anticipated thing every, single year and it just keeps getting better and better. I've met some YA authors at Fan Expo as well and that was originally the draw for me. Do authors go to the Vancouver one as well? I love that you cosplayed! I have yet to get up the nerve to do it :P


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