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Friday 4 April 2014

TGIF: Catching Up on Game of Thrones (Guest Post)

 Hey guys! As many of you probably know, the hit HBO show Game of Thrones based on the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin is is starting up its fourth season on SUNDAY! I don't know about you, but I am super excited. And in that excitement, I was contacted by a fellow GoT fan, Spencer, who asked if he could recap the show for us here on the blog! So, for any of you who need a quick refresher before Sunday on what has been happening in the world of Westeros, read on and catch up!

(I feel like this shouldn't need to be said, but I'll say it anyway just in case: FOR ANYONE WHO HAS NOT SEEN GAME OF THRONES, THERE ARE MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN SEASON 3.)

Catching Up on Game of Thrones

The massively popular medieval fantasy drama Game of Thrones returns to HBO for its 4th season on April 6, and continuously gathering a fan base of male and female viewers over the first three seasons, the show may become the most watched series in cable history. The series is based on the five “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels (of which A Game of Thrones was the first) written by George R.R. Martin. The adventure, scheming and drama occur in the fictional realm of Westeros, with more than two dozen characters comprising a cast who representing various socio-economic classes ruled by noble families vying for control of the entire kingdom and the right to sit upon the infamous Iron Throne made of molten swords.

Here’s a look at what’s happened on Game of Thrones so far; beware if you haven’t caught up on past episodes, though (go stream them from HBO Go, Direct Ticket or rent the DVDs from Netflix now before its too late!) - big spoilers follow!

To the shock of millions of viewers, the third season climaxed with the horrific Red Wedding where two more members of the Stark family met their demise. However, another wedding also occurred this season, with the unexpected nuptials of Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister. The wedding takes place at the insistence of the Lannister patriarch Tywin, who also played a role in the deaths of Catelyn and Robb Stark during the Red Wedding. Though successfully spared the indignities and dangers of becoming wife to the twisted King Joffrey, Sansa must now contend with being married to the much older Tyrion and the news of the deaths of her family members.

Meanwhile young Arya Stark escaped the Lannister castle during season two, only to find herself in an uneasy alliance with the hulking (and hated) knight known as the Hound. Originally having plans to return to her home at Winterfell, she learns of the deaths of her mother and brother from the mockings of Frey soldiers and vows to exact revenge. However, for her protection, the Hound (whose real name is Sandor Clegane) renders her unconscious before fleeing the site of the Red Wedding, in order to spare the young would-be warrior from certain death.

Jon Snow, the illegitimate son of the late Ned Stark, endures capture and then befriends female warrior Ygritte and the Wildings as they make their way cross country in the ice and snow. Though initially vowing his devotion, Snow betrays Ygritte and the clan. He determines to return and rejoin the Night's Watch. The end of season 3 has him overcoming his physical challenges, arriving at Castle Black and reuniting with friends. The Wildlings are now fully in preparation for an attack on Westeros.

Following Catelyn Stark's orders, the imposing female knight Brienne of Tarth returns the despicable Jamie Lannister to his family at King's Landing. However, this does not happen before the two happen upon a group of ruthless cutthroats who pose a threat to them both, but especially to the female Brienne. In a rare act of gallantry, Jaime sacrifices himself and, most horrifying for him, loses his sword hand to protect her. Now that he is back home, season 4 will undoubtedly reveal whether or not the incestuous relationship between Jamie and his sister Cersei remains the same.

Also having eyes on the throne, fan favorite Danenerys Targaryen (an IMDB poll has her second only to Tyrion Lannister in popularity) now has an army in the form of the Yunkai warriors that she saved from a life of slavery. Equipped with ships and now the fearless soldiers, the “mother of dragons” will prove a powerful foe to the powers that be in season 4.

If you'd like to hear more from Spencer, follow his twitter!
Thanks so much Spencer, for that awesome recap! I'm SO excited for Sunday! 
Do any of you guys watch GoT? Read the books? What do you think of the series? Any predictions for next season? (If you haven't read the books already :P) Let me know!

Happy reading!

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  1. I had planned to watch the last season again as a refresher, but never found the time. Thanks for the recap. Game of Thrones is the best show ever ;-)


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