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Monday 31 March 2014

Review: Unremembered by Jessica Brody

Author: Jessica Brody
Publisher: Farrar Straus & Giroux (BYR)
Page Count:  320 pages, Hardcover
Date Published: March 5th 2013
Find it on Goodreads: Unremembered
Source: Recieved for review from publisher in exchange of honest review... Thank you!

When Freedom Airlines flight 121 went down over the Pacific Ocean, no one ever expected to find survivors. Which is why the sixteen-year-old girl discovered floating among the wreckage—alive—is making headlines across the globe.
Even more strange is that her body is miraculously unharmed and she has no memories of boarding the plane. She has no memories of her life before the crash. She has no memories period. No one knows how she survived. No one knows why she wasn’t on the passenger manifest. And no one can explain why her DNA and fingerprints can’t be found in a single database in the world.
Crippled by a world she doesn’t know, plagued by abilities she doesn’t understand, and haunted by a looming threat she can’t remember, Seraphina struggles to piece together her forgotten past and discover who she really is. But with every clue only comes more questions. And she’s running out of time to answer them.
Her only hope is a strangely alluring boy who claims to know her from before the crash. Who claims they were in love. But can she really trust him? And will he be able to protect her from the people who have been making her forget?
From popular young adult author Jessica Brody comes a compelling and suspenseful new sci-fi series, set in a world where science knows no boundaries, memories are manipulated, and true love can never be forgotten.

I have to admit, I'm not too sure how I feel about this book. I picked it up on a whim, not really planning on reading it intensely, but I ended it up finishing it in one sitting.. I literally did not move from the couch for the few hours it took me to read it. So this book wasn't boring, per say, but it didn't exactly excite me very much and I wasn't really able to truly engage myself in the characters. I found it hard to connect to Sera, probably due to the fact that she didn't have any memories, however I also just didn't really care too much about what happened. I found it to be fairly predictable... Most memory-loss stories that have a sci-fi twist seem to be fairly similar and I've read only a few, but I'm sad to say I'm starting to get kind of bored by them. I did like some of the little twists and turns the author made, but I wasn't completely hooked by it all.

I would probably recommend this book for someone who is a big fan of memory-loss books and anything filled with mystery and is looking for a quick read. I did like it, but it wasn't my favourite. 

Happy reading!

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