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Sunday 22 September 2013

Alone. In Public.

I've been feeling lately very uninspired. Nothing seems to get my wheels turning like they used to. Except for one thing. Starbucks.

I'm not just talking about the coffee, though that helps, too. I'm talking about the atmosphere. As I'm writing this, I've been sitting in my mall's Starbucks for over two hours, drinking my mocha, people watching, pondering, writing, etc. I haven't written this much for the blog in a long time. Usually my writing space is my room. My desk, my dresser, my bed, my floor... They've all been homes to my laptop and I as I express my feelings through the written word. Lately however, they're not. So I come to Starbucks. I order my drink, set  up a station, secretly watch the cute barista (haha I mean... okay, yeah) and I write. There's something so inspiring about watching the busyness of a coffee shop. Mothers with three children ordering a Venti coffee with an extra bit of espresso. Tween girls giggling over their frappucinos, clutching shopping bags. A couple holding hands, shy and quiet, sipping their lattes. 

It's no secret that I love to be alone. I enjoy the quietness of no one talking to me, being wrapped up in my own thoughts and feelings. But I love being alone in public. I love sitting by myself at a table, listening to the symphony of conversations, coffee being made, the beep of a card reader. It's all so beautiful. Nothing beats the smell of espresso, the sounds of the people in the town, the liberation of writing down your thoughts and feelings and being inspired by the community of a coffee shop. I get some of my best work done when I am alone, in public, with a coffee in my hand. 

So here's a big thank you to Starbucks. I know they probably won't see this, but I just thought I'd express my appreciation for a company that keeps my writing alive. Sure it's a huge international company and maybe this is a bit of a cliche, but it's still a coffee shop in the end, right?

Happy reading. 


  1. Hello! ^_^
    I must say I agree with you! Some people find being alone weird, but they don't truly understand what being alone does for one. I always do my best writing, the most reading, the most thinking, when I am alone. At a book store. Coffee shop. Anywhere. I have always preferred to be alone when doing things as such and I always thought I was the only one, and clearly I am not, so thank you so much for sharing this post with us!

    Hee Hee! And I am sure Starbucks thanks you for using their facility's and supporting them as well!

    I hope that inspiration finds you soon. Your writing is some of the best I have ever read!
    xoxo Ashley

  2. I love sitting in cafes and just watching people interact. But I don't mean in a creepy way. It's just the business of it that makes me feel more at ease and it does make it easier to write. I think that's why authors tend to write there books in cafes.


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