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Wednesday 26 June 2013

Review: Of Triton by Anna Banks

Author: Anna Banks
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Page Count:  256 pages, Hardcover
Date Published: May 28th 2013
Find it on Goodreads: Of Triton
Source: Purchased

In this sequel to OF POSEIDON, Emma has just learned that her mother is a long-lost Poseidon princess, and now struggles with an identity crisis: As a Half-Breed, she’s a freak in the human world and an abomination in the Syrena realm below. Syrena law states that all Half- Breeds should be put to death. As if that’s not bad enough, her mother’s reappearance among the Syrena turns the two kingdoms—Poseidon and Triton—against one another. Which leaves Emma with a decision to make: Should she comply with Galen’s request to keep herself safe and just hope for the best? Or should she risk it all and reveal herself—and her Gift—to save a people she’s never known?

Of Triton was much more action-packed than Of Poseidon, but I still wasn't 'wow-ed' nor blown away. I find this series to be a great story, but there's something lacking.

Of Triton starts up right where its predecessor left off. Emma finds out her mother is a long lost Syrena princess and is struggling with the fact that she is a Half-Breed. Something I remember Of Poseidon was full of is witty humour and I didn't find a lot of that in this sequel. I loved that about the first book, as it gave light to a book that started off with a terrible event, (shark attack, anyone?) so I was hoping to see more of the humour in this one. BUT there was a lot more ACTION. We start off with Emma's mother basically drugging her daughter and running away and then boom boom car chase boom crash, gun shot, BOOM! From the very beginning, Of Triton had a lot of action and I really enjoyed that. This was a quick read thanks to those scenes, especially the two last major parts. We learned a lot about the Syrena politics and world and I found that really interesting. The romance continues to be really sweet and I totally love Galen and then there's also two other couples that made me smile a lot as well.

While the book finished off with an exciting and yet, pretty sad ending, I feel like this could have been the conclusion to the series. I'm not sure there's a need for a third book and am worried that it's going to be reminiscent of the Hush, hush series, where the first book was excellent and then it all just goes downhill from there because the story just doesn't end, even though it could. I hope that makes sense, but basically I'm just not really sure what's going to happen in Of Neptune, as this book ended off neatly, with a good conclusion. I guess we'll just have to wait and find out! One thing's for sure... I can't wait to see what the cover will look like!

Have you read this series? If so, what do you think Banks will add to the story with Of Neptune? Do you think it might be an overload or are you excited for it?

Happy reading!


  1. This is another one of those series that I have been wanting to read and just haven't started yet. Your great review has definitely sparked my interest and I hope to find time to read this in the next few months.

    Cath Brookes (Alaska Search Marketing)

  2. I loved "Of Poseidon" so I really hope to get a copy of this soon. I'm glad there's more action, shame there is less wit though. Great Review :)


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