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Friday 24 May 2013

TGIF: Carrie Underwood Concert


 Okay, so for my 16th birthday, my best friend, Jenna, surprised me with Carrie Underwood concert tickets... I HAD NO IDEA. My mum kept it a secret and told all of the people I usually babysit for to not book me that night and I was totally clueless the whole time.... OH MY GOODNESS. Guys, it was an amazing concert! This was her last stop of the Blown Away Tour and I must say, it was absolutely incredible. She puts on a great show. Carrie has an adorable accent and amazing outfits and her voice is just to die for, obviously.

I remember when I was little, watching her very first audition on American Idol... Remember this?


Oh my goodness. She's incredibly talented and incredibly gorgeous? What?!!!

 Growing up, Carrie was my favourite country singer. Yes I had other favourite singers, but Carrie was definitely top 5 out of all for the longest time. And then I would get teased because I like Country music and it was weird, supposedly, so I only listened to her music at home or in the car with my mum. But I still always loved her music. Now, seeing her live after basically 9 years of being a huge fan was just unbelievable. Her music is beautiful and so is her heart. What she did with this tour was donate 1$ from every ticket sold to Red Cross. AND, for all the Canadian shows that she played, she donated that money to the CANADIAN Red Cross! (Bonus points, Carrie!) They donated One. Million. Dollars. :O So cool!

I forgot to write down her set list, but basically she sang songs from both her new album and some of her older stuff. Her performances of the classic stuff like Before He Cheats and Wasted were so amazing and I will admit, I teared up when she sang Temporary Home and then followed with Jesus Take the Wheel. Those two songs... AHHH! She modified All-American Girl a little bit to suit her life now and it was super cute, because instead of "She was falling for the senior football star" she put "hockey star" and added in an "All-Canadian Girl" because well, Mike Fisher. Ahh I can't even describe how amazing this concert was. I am a total concert-junkie and to have finally seen one of my all-time favourite artists was wonderful.

Do you guys like Carrie Underwood? Are any of you country music fans? Have you gone to any good concerts lately? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Friday!

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