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Friday 27 July 2012

TGIF: Do you listen to music while reading?

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Hello my dear followers! How are you this fine day? It is once again time for a random TGIF post! Today, I want to know: Do you like to listen to music while reading?

I personally love listening to music and reading at the same time. It helps me read better, if that makes any sense at all, considering you'd think the opposite. I, of course, always listen to some Ed Sheeran when I'm reading, because I'm a bit obsessed with him and I could listen to him during any time in my life and be content. I'm also loving Foster the People, Of Monsters and Men, The Wallflowers, and some good ol' Pink Floyd. I've been into a lot of different sorts of music lately, and I find that as long as it's not too loud, if I have music on and I'm reading a good book, I am at my happiest. There are so many amazing artists and bands out there that I am so in love with. I wish I could name all of them!

But enough about me. I want to know your opinion! Let me know in the comments if you enjoy listening to music and reading at the same time, or if you think that's too distracting. I have a friend who can't stand music in the background while she's reading, so once we were just sitting down together with our books and she got up and turned off the radio. So then, I had to go get my iPod, because I needed some background noise. :P Maybe I just don't like silence...

Anyways, let me know what you think, as well as what music you're really into right now! Give me some new bands and singers to YouTube! I love finding great music.

For now, I shall leave you with some of my favorite songs of the moment, in case you haven't heard them! :)

Happy Friday!

This one is from Ed's debut album + and I just love the sound. It is so gorgeous and heartfelt!

This one is another by Ed Sheeran and it is from his EP 'Songs I Wrote With Amy'. One of my favorite songs by him! I wish it was on + so that everyone could hear it!
I am in love with this band! Their music is fantastic!

 This song is so quiet and lovely.. Gorgeous!

Anything by Daughter, I'm in love with! The singer's got a gorgeous voice and the songs are all amazing!

I could just give so many more songs, but since this is a book blog, not a music blog, I shall cut it down to these five! Hope you enjoy! I'd love to hear what you think, as well as your opinion on reading and listening to music at the same time!


  1. When I'm reading fiction, or reading for fun, I like it to be quiet, but if I'm reading to make notes, I like some background noise! If I'm writing I like music, too, although quite often I choose something instrumental, or something I haven't heard before - otherwise I end up singing along and accidentally inserting song lyrics into my work!

  2. I depends on the difficulty of the read. If it's easy to follow I can listen to music. If not, I have trouble comprehending if my focus is not entirely on the pages. Right now I really, really like Kimbra's album, as well as The Lumineers.
    Foster the People is great!

  3. I can't do music and reading at the same time. I have this problem where I like to choreograph dances in my head to whatever I'm listening to. Seperately, they're great, but together? Not for me.

  4. I can't do music and reading at the same time but I love to listen to music while thinking about a book I read or that I'm reading. It make the emotions I felt while reading even more intense.


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