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Tuesday 17 January 2012

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

I know I didn't do individual reviews for each of the Vampire Academy books, (let me know if you want them though!) but I thought that considering the fact that this IS a new series it would make sense for me to have it's own review. WARNING: This WILL have spoilers for anyone who hasn't read the VA books after Shadow Kiss.
Bloodlines is still set in the Moroi/Strigoi/Dhampir world of Richelle Mead, but instead of following the Dhampir Rose Hathaway, it follows the Alchemist Sydney Sage.
Alchemists are humans that make it their mission in life to keep the secret of vampires from regular humans. They each have a tattoo of a golden lily that is infused with both magic and Moroi blood. These keep the alchemists from revealing anything about the vampires to the human world.

After Sydney  has dealt with the repercussions of helping Rose escape from court, she thinks she is done with dealing with those vampires. But when Jill Dragomir is attacked at Court, they whisk her, Sydney, Eddie and Adrian to Palm Springs so that the princess, Eddie and Sydney can attend boarding school while in hiding. This book follows smaller characters from the books, which is nice, seeing what happens to them.  As you can only imagine, there is a ton of drama that unfolds to make this book just as great as the VA books.

As much as I loved Sydney in this book, I did miss Rose a bit. We get to see her a little, but not much. I will say that if you are on more of the shyer, gaurded side like me, you'll probably be able to relate to Sydney a lot. I loved the little things in this book that were so small but so significant in the long run. It was definetely a book to read if you've read the Vampire Academy series, but I wouldn't suggest reading it if you have not read them. I can't wait for June 19th! The Golden Lily is sure to be AMAZING, as those of you who have read this book will know, considering the ending!

Let me know about the individual reviews on the VA books!

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  1. I enjoyed your thoughts! I was also missing Rose a little, until about 3 or 4 chapters in and Sydney was so cool in a different way that I didn't mind Rose hardly being there. It did help that I liked Adrian and wanted a whole lot more of him! Richelle Mead is a genius storyteller so now I can't wait to read The Golden Lily!

  2. Love your review! I was a bit worried about reading Bloolines at first because I loved VA and didn't want to be let down, but I LOVED IT! Can't wait for The Golden Lily. More Adrian <3

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