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Sunday 1 September 2013

Where I've Been and Where I'll Be

Hello my long-lost pals! Long time no talk, it feels like! I know it's only been a week or two since my last post, but OMG so much has happened in that time and it just feels so crazy overwhelming!

Last May, I wrote about a university program that I was accepted into while still in high school and explained how this would be affecting the blog and my lifestyle. You were all extremely supportive and I so appreciated that. Alas, it has come to that time of year where school starts and my crazy journey begins. While it is September 1st and I should really be going to Hogwarts, I know that in a couple of days I'll be starting grade 11 and then a few days later, uni. And with that will come a lot of stress and not a lot of time.

These past couple of weeks have been kind of a blur, but what was going on was this:

  • I was in Oregon for a week. Wi-Fi broke down the day after we arrived and came back the day before we left. I almost died. 
  • Back to school shopping and prep! I've been getting all of my supplies ready and trying to get organised before the year starts... plus new shoes!!
  • University orientation! Almost got lost on the big campus trying to find my mum... that was scary. BUT, they have a Tim Horton's! WHOO!
  • Crazy awesome opportunity that was offered to me that I don't know if I can talk about but ahhhhh
  • Just an overall crazy last bit of summer trying to get back on schedule and figure out how I'm going to survive this year! 
I have hardly done any reading this month, as you could tell if you looked at my 2013 reading challenge... I only read one book in Oregon, but to my defense, it was The Book Thief and I still have a major book hangover from it. These last couple of days of summer, I'm going to try and get at least a week or two scheduled for the blog and then from there I can work my way forward. 

These next two years are going to be crazy for me, but I will push through and survive. I will be taking breaks and I will probably go on a few unwarned absences but I will come back. I have set myself a book buying ban from this day, as on Friday I bought one book and now I'm not going to buy anymore until I finish however many I can... I haven't really figured that out yet. But on another point, my laptop is dying a slow and painful death and it's going to cost me a lot more that I want to spend for me to fix just one little part of it, so I've began saving up for a MacBook Pro. It'll take a while, but I really think it'll be a good decision.

So, yes. I just wanted to let y'all know that yes, I'm still alive and yes, I'm still around, I've just been extremely busy and will be still for the next little while. But I wanted to say hi! So... hi!

Happy reading!

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  1. It feels like ages since I've seen your post!
    I find it so weird how everyone's talking about going back to school coz my school will be finishing in 3 weeks. Time zones...good luck to grade 11, it will be a hard year.


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